What can Digital Architects Zurich do for you?

With a 20+ years experience in managing highly reliable software projects, Digital Architects Zurich has acquired the conceptual and practical know-how that any organisation aiming towards digital transformation should consider.

Designing and building the “Digital Highway for highly reliable and continuous software delivery” is the way Digital Architects Zurich help businesses, and also non-profitable organisations, facing digital transformation challenges. We strive in leveraging the amazing modern capabilities and features from AI and Cloud-Native architectures/applications.


Set-up the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) discipline

Leveraging Google’s best SRE practices, we aim to help business acquire the conceptual and practical knowledge to adopt SRE. In order to make this more accessible to any organisation, we democratise the discipline with our “Effective SRE” approach, Digital Architects Zurich’s own method that documents activities, principles, capabilities and trainings.

Transformation Coaching & Consulting

We call ourselves digital enablers. We aim to work with your company’s best talents and help them acquire modern digital skills to efficiently embrace Digital Transformation, by adopting the DevOps and SRE principles and introducing AI-native and Cloud-native best features.

Digital Architects Zurich can also help your decision making by giving you best-practice insights, market analysis and perspectives on your transformation projects.

Cloud-Native and AI-driven Continuous Delivery & Operations

Working in a 100% digital environement we can help you design, build and implement Continuous Delivery solutions leveraging Cloud-native and AI-driven stacks and apps.

As our name suggest it, at Digital Architects Zurich, we also provide you with knowledge, architectural solutions and engineering capabilities both in the design and implementation phases, all along with managing IT operations.

Digital Operating Model based on AIops and cloud technology

To achieve the strategic objectives of our customers we rely on a Digital Operating Model. It enables us to be more agile executing tasks, quicker to react to bugs, and more effective in fulfilling our customer’s needs. Digital Architects Zurich’s Digital Operating Model features the latest and most effective AIOps and Cloud capabilities in order to deliver our clients the best products in lesser time, while leveraging agile principles such as DevOps, SRE and Effective SRE.


With a 20+ years experience, the Digital Architects Zurich team have seen it all and have built conceptual and practical experience dealing with software and system engineering challenges. We look forward to share that with your best talents and help them acquire SRE skills and master the AI and Cloud newest features.

Our two week SRE Training is availlable as

  • Public bootcamps
  • Tailored enterprise trainings

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