Digital Architects Zurich is proud to announce its new partnership with Moogsoft to limit developer interruptions.

Moogsoft, the observability with AIOps leader, offers a highly reliable observability platform that helps SRE and DevOps teams improve the customer experience through amazing capabilities that organize and correlate large volumes of data, detect anomalies and reduce alert noise.

This new partnership come to extend Digital Architects Zurich’s large portofolio of industry partnerships, as we try to offer our clients the best products and support through their digital transformation journeys.

DevOps practitioners face daunting amounts of friction during the software development process, but these teams are still expected to move at record-breaking speeds.
Through this new industry partnership, the Moogsoft platform will eliminate the need to change monitoring and notification or engagement tools, and these tools will be deployed for DevOps teams by DevOps teams, along with SREs. In return, customers will experience the operational efficiency they need through automated workflows with an API-first infrastructure as code approach to delivery.

Mike Silvey

Executive Vice President, Moogsoft

Digital Architects Zurich is excited to partner with Moogsoft on our mission to create the digital highway for software delivery and operations.
Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Moogsoft for AI-driven observability, we are able to increase the velocity of build pipelines while ensuring continuous verification in production.

Tobias Sager

Managing Consultant, Digital Architects Zurich