Zürich – November 30, 2020. 

The Swiss Digital Network (SDN), Switzerland’s first independent and open consulting network, is glad to welcome two new innovative cells in Basel and Bern. Machine Learning Architects Basel and PhiloSolvis bring the network innovative, highly effective and supplemental expertise and value propositions. The new additions set the total of active cells at three, after launching our first cell Digital Architects Zurich a year before.  

Swiss Digital Network expands to Zürich, Basel and Berne

Machine Learning Architects Basel (MLAB) draw itself the mission of helping clients design, build and enable the Digital Highway for Machine Learning. Leveraging modern IT capabilities and operating models as-well-as cultural and managerial skills, the company specializes in Data Science and Machine Learning with a specific focus on Machine Learning Development and Operations (MLOps). “With “MLOps” as engineering culture to unify ML system development and operations, we design, build and enable robust, repeatable ML pipelines, along with streamlining the way our customers monitor, audit, track versions, and reproduce. We call that the “Digital Highway for Machine Learning”, said Matthias Mau, Managing Consultant of MLAB. 

PhiloSolvis (PSB), as the third cell of the Swiss Digital Network, focuses on the cultural and managerial aspect of our industry by offering its clients and partners a practical philosophy-based coaching and training. As the first and only local company offering Swiss organisations the philosophy-driven approach to tackle organisation culture transformation. PhiloSolvis aims at enhancing individuals Power of Judgement and critical thinking skills while improving socialization and leadership capabilities. The Berne-based company look at helping organisations and individuals create a better collaborative and more inclusive work and learning environments. 
“At PhiloSolvis, we strongly believe that the digital age requires new socialization and collaboration philosophy which enables authentic Power of Judgement, wholeness and continuous collective thinking, learning and acting and thus in the opportunity to change not only collaboration in organizations but also in the world for the better”, stated Jürg Wenger, Managing Consultant of PSB.  

Swiss Digital Network looking forward

With the common goal of creating a new way of organizing and managing businesses, leveraging the values of independency, wholeness, forward-thinking philosophy and continuous collective learning, the network’s cells tend to be complementary and work homogeneously in order to answer the Digital Transformation challenges, businesses, non-profitable organizations and people face in the digital age we live in.  

As much as it is a celebration of this welcomed growth, this new step is a testament from Swiss Digital Network to the increasing demand for effective solutions to face the exponential Digital Transformation challenges and opportunities. Embracing this promising chapter for our network, we work tirelessly in order to offer talented professionals looking for an open and alternative platform to develop and deliver their solutions, an alternative network composed by self-managed cells following an entrepreneurship paradigm driven by real needs, collective intelligence and sustainable culture and values. 

Additional quotes from the Cells’ managers: 

“We are very excited and proud to be part of the Swiss Digital Network not only joining a successful organization, but moreover to taking part in its open, transparent and forward-thinking philosophy”  
Matthias Mau – Machine Learning Architects Basel 

“After our successful year of building the Digital Highway for Continuous Software Delivery with Digital Architects Zurich, I am happy to see this extension in our network. Together with PhiloSolvis and Machine Learning Architects Basel, we can efficiently support customers in all three key change areas of Digital Transformation (technology, operating model and culture).” 
Tobias Sager – Digital Architects Zürich  

“Modern technologies free us from time-consuming and mind-numbing routine work in many areas. Higher productivity is among other things the entrepreneurial benefit. Our colleagues from DAZ and MLAB are technically, operationally and advisory competent supporters. We at PhiloSolvis help entrepreneurs very practically to shape the organization and cooperation in day-to-day business from within, with which they create the results that they want to achieve through digital transformation. We dedicate ourselves to this with our knowledge, with our experience and with our whole person” 
Jürg Wenger – PhiloSolvis