Digital Highway

Blueprint for a Digital Highway for Continuous Software Delivery

Our Blueprint for a Digital Highway is an in-depth, best-practice target state for modern Continuous Software Delivery.

It provides an overview of the key capabilities to balance quality, stability and speed of delivery by leveraging cloud-driven and AI-driven technology.

The technological basis will enable you to embrace effective operating models and culture transformation principles and best practices – the only way for a successful Digital Transformation journey.

Get an in-depth walkthrough of the capabilities and key building blocks in our Blog Post.


With Digital Architects Zurich (DAZ) knowledge on Agile & DevOps Transformation and our SRE and CI/CD expertise, we can offer you an independent and highly reliable assessement of your software delivery maturity.

With a proven track record of helping customers embrace Digital Transformation, DAZ will help put your organisation at the cutting edge of Continuous Software Delivery and Agile & DevOps implementations.


We leverage the blueprint to check and evaluate your current status, collecting your points of intrest and examining your internal and external business context.

This approach aims to Initiate, Incubate and Grow & Sustain your Digital Transformation process and cover all its 3 majors pillars: Technology, Operating Models and Culture Transformation.

A report will issue concrete statements on areas of improvement within your particular landscape.

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